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Padmini Chettur

Padmini Chettur is an accomplished contemporary dancer from India. Given her audience space spanning across the world we focused more on her choreography than talking about her. The simple objective was to let her work speak for herself and keep the interfaces simplistic.


PurepleTie is in the business of laundry since 1999. It’s has seen the dot coms come and go, laundry aggregation fissile out and yet it has survived and is the #1 laundry in the Bay Area. Our challenge was to give it a save look but communicate the core values for which it has stood the test of time.


At Bizsensors we develop products and solutions – for us we have to deal with two key aspects of interfacing – customer facing as well as associate facing interfaces. And to top it a key component we excel at is backend which has no interface. So our face to the world was a mix of design and the power of backend coupled with products that we offer.