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Project Description

DriveOn is an  application which drivers use for delivery and pickups. It’s has two interfaces. One for the mobile and the other is Web facing. The design had to be very simple but the we had to keep in mind that there was enough complexity that the drivers had to handle. Also safety was a primary thing that we had to keep in mind.

Driver App

Driver App allows drivers to keep a track of their deliveries and pickups. It provides the the necessary functionalities to make sure their transactions are handled most effectively and an audit trail is kept. In addition it provides a map interface to navigate safely to their destinations.

Customer App

Again a mobile interface for customers to place their orders in the most quickest possible way. It allows customers to track and view their orders and also gives them a visual idea of where the drive is at any given point of time. In addition it sends alerts and notification for their deliveries or pickups.